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Vintage Style Christmas Gift Packaging

Do you long for the nostalgic feeling that accompanies vintage gift packaging? Something puts your mind into the past and calms your soul. It is no wonder that many people want to repeat this feeling. The following eBay tutorial will provide you with valuable tips on how to rediscover this vintage charm and add it to your own gift box without breaking the bank.

Vintage chest of drawers in solid wood, painted in a custom blend of Annie Sloan color (Aubusson) and …

Vintage solid wood chest of drawers painted in a custom blend of Annie Sloan (Aubusson Blue, Burgundy and Graphite) for a beautiful deep gray / blue that blends with many decor colors. The sides of each drawer have decoupled / handpainted flowers. The bottom 2 drawers have anaglypt paper and sealed paint. , It has a coordinated Trumeau-style mirror (28 "x 51")